Week In Review – 15 Sep 2019

“The future . . . flattens out into a perpetual present,” wrote Dr. Paul Kalanithi. And “the future is built by us . . .and what we do in the present moment,” said Brother Phap Dung. How intriguing that life comes to a full circle.

No need to force but seize the moment and give it your best.  Reflecting on that spirit, I am puzzled still on what happened to me during my Erie marathon.  What did I do wrong?  A topic I surely will be meditating for a while.

This week also marks the 18th anniversary of the terrorist attack on American soil.  Life has lost, changed, and may be forgotten.  Used to be able to walk family member to or from the gate at the airport.  A fact that post 9/11 generations never know.

Is it a value-added? I wonder.

Have a nice week!

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