Doing What’s Right

Doing what is right sounds easy.  But in reality doing what’s right is often the opposite – it may be impossible, not profitable, or unpopular.  Given so, why would anybody bother to do it? You may wonder.

The short answer:  it is the right thing to do. 

For instance, just because there is no cure for Alzheimer today, it does not mean we should stop searching for one.  If we ever want to cure the disease, the work must continue in good conscience. We have a moral obligation to do what is right.

The rule of profitability works well in market place.  Business large or small follows & obeys it to the end.  But we have a responsibility beyond making money when it comes to measures greater than profit/loss.  Many vital social needs are addressed by non-profit & charitable organizations. We have a social obligation to do what is right.

Lastly, popularity. Perhaps the most difficult one to resist. The naysayers swear it’s impossible.  The shrewd business people chalk it to too costly.  Swimming against the tide requires not only courage but also character.  We have a personal obligation to do what is right.   

Because otherwise the alternative would be chaos.

Do you believe doing what’s right is a moral, social or personal obligation?

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