Don’t Hold Back

Aging has a tendency to make one conservative. You know how that works: lessons learned, experience accumulated, risk averse, wiser, yada yada . . . The reality is, I believe as we get older, our fear of getting hurt increases.

Imaging driving down the highway with one foot on the gas pedal and the other on the brakes. Sounds crazy? Absolutely.  Why would we live life that way?  When we hold back for whatever the reason, life is sub-optimized.   We are not living life to its fullest.   

What do I suggest? You ask.  Be bold and live large even with life’s twists and turns.  

Let me be clear.  Not suggesting to live dangerously or to throw cautions into the wind.  That is just being reckless.  Instead, I am suggesting that once we decided to do something, give it our best.

Do you have any regrets resulted from hesitating or holding back?

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