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Autumn Leaves

  Leaves are trading their places, from the branch tops to the ground. “It’s time to go,” the Autumn sun whispers, “your job is done.” Proudly bid their farewell in colors and numbers, they dance with the wind to the … Continue reading

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Holiday Shopping Blue

  With the month of November only 2 days away, my mind drifts to the dreaded holiday ritual of gift giving. You can tell I am not a fan of shopping. Let alone mingle with the crowds madly vying for … Continue reading

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Hey Siri . . .

  Until recently, I use Google (or Android) exclusively. Gmail, Google Map, Google search and the likes are part of my world. So it is quite a switch when my family gave me an iPhone for my birthday. My first … Continue reading

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The War On Terror Continues

  Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is dead. In case you haven’t heard, Baghdadi, the exISIS leader, blew himself in a US Military raid conducted this past weekend in northwestern Syria. The raid, like the one killed Osama bin Laden in 2011, … Continue reading

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Week in Review – 27 Oct 2019

The Marine Corps Marathon, a popular race in Washington DC, nicknamed People’s Marathon attracts 30,000 enthusiasts annually. That is just the runners not to mention volunteers and spectators.  Today is the 44th MCM and raining heavy at times. I can’t … Continue reading

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Setting Marathon Goal

  Each year I set my marathon goal.  While the outcome is straight forward, either I met it or not, the process of setting my goal is far from simple. Let alone the subsequent training and race day performance.  Allow … Continue reading

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Explaining Myself

  What I believe, if resonate with others, become the common threads connecting me and the people.  Social media have made that feasible.  So long as I can articulate whatever is on my mind, putting them into words in the … Continue reading

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Air Quality Alert

  The California wildfire that is raging in Sonoma County has burnt 10,000 acres and forced 1,700 people to evacuate their homes. Yeah, it’s too bad and so sad.  Glad that is on the other coast. Right? Think again. According … Continue reading

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In Praise of Public Expressions

  Everyone has a story (or two) to tell.  Yes, our different background and experience lend unique perspectives to tell our tales.  Collectively, these are our human story. Putting words on paper however is a different matter.  Not everyone can … Continue reading

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Adding Intensity Back

  Erie Marathon has been in my rear-view mirror for over six weeks.  And I am finally adding intensity back into my running.  Why? Not that I have a race coming up.  The addition has more to do with me … Continue reading

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