Getting The Job Done

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You can call me an “executor.”  Once a decision is made, I follow through regardless circumstance of hell or high water.  Maybe it’s the discipline from my marathon training, my work habit, or my personality.  Or just maybe action is more straight forward.

When I get the job done, I have a sense of closure.  Don’t know about others, but I dislike  having things hanging.  Leaving even the smallest jobs unfinished causes me to worry. To me, better just take care of it and save the worry.

It also gives me a sense of achievement.  When completed, I feel good about sticking it through especially with the challenging tasks – a sense of satisfaction to myself and reliability to others. People can count on me to get the job done.

Take this morning for instance. After my 40 minutes run, I decided to trim the bushes around the house.  I had been pushing it off due to my marathon and other priorities. The bushes were becoming unsightly and definitely could use a hair cut.

Long story short – I got it done despite how exhausting I felt during the process.

The best part? It’s done. Sorta like my long runs.

Do you have a bias for action?


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