My Mind-Body Disconnect

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Body is recovering slowly since my marathon.  But, my mind is going AWOL at the same time.

For instance, I have resumed running, albeit off season mode.  Not sure if the timing is appropriate but this is what I used to do.  In other words, I am doing it by rote with little regard to if my body is ready to get back to running.

Moreover, aches and pains during marathon training is inevitable. But not in off season. No reason to push my body beyond healthy limits.  Thus I should be more mindful of my body and figure out the transition my body needs to get back into running again.

Lastly, doing things for the sake of  having something to do amounts to a waste of time. No purpose, no intention. Just doing it because . . .   I might as well devoting my time and energy to other productive means.

What would you do to align the body and mind?



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