A Leap Of Faith

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Faith is often associated with religion but, more generally, with what we believe strongly (albeit without tangible proof).  The subject could be a person, object, or concept.  Like, I have faith running is good for me.  I am convinced of running’s benefits.

A leap of faith, on the other hand, asks a bit more and entails some risk.  The expectation is nevertheless leaning positive.  When I sign up for a marathon, my leap of faith is that I will be able to complete the race.  That is never a guaranty with the risk being injury.

Sure, we can be risk averse.  But playing it safe has its own limitations.  Noticeably, no reward, and no progress.  Positive results come only with a leap of faith.  Whether it’s in innovative research, marriage proposal, or baby’s first step.

Besides when going gets tough, it is our faith that will carry us through. 

Such is life. 

When faced with unknown outcome, what will help you mitigate the fear of uncertainty?

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Have You Got a Buddha Moment?

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