Public Trust Or Lack Of

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Trust in US government is “near historical lows.”  Not my words but according a Pew Research recent report.  Intuitively, I am not surprised.  Every time the subject comes up, seems we reach a new low.

What dominates the news headlines in Washington are Impeachment inquiry and White House fights back.  This political in-fighting is fueled by the media who can’t wait to enter the fray.  Who needs soap opera when both ends of the Pennsylvania Avenue are providing the daily drama.

This spectacle taints even foreign news from places like Ukraine, Syria, or Russia. When all we have is a hammer, everything else look like nails.   Nothing is immune from being framed in the same political narrative.  So . . .

Trust does not come easily. It has to be earned through deeds – small or big accumulated over time. “Deeds” because trust is a verb.  Unfortunately, what we see in Washington is mostly political showmanship – nothing substantial nor for the public good. 

Is it any wonder why the public trust is so low?

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