Build Bridges, Not Walls

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Easy to get walled in now-a-day.  For example, are you a Republican? LGBTQ? Nationalist? Liberal? The list goes on. No shortage of labels and people ready and willing to peg us into artificially identifiable circles.

Within these circles, walls are erected to keep others out and us in.  In the confine of “protection,” self interests rein.  It’s a us versus them mentality.  Zero sum games.  Better stick together to win.  The argument goes.  Blah, blah, blah.

Any wonder, our society feels divisive, disintegrated, and disgruntled bunch?  But, truth is that dystopia it does not have to be.  Instead of walls, we could build bridges.  Bridges that connect us through common interests and concerns. 

Why? Because we are more alike than different.  And you never know, the wall builders may be working on their own self serving interest.

Common challenges like the climate changes, pollution, diseases, food sources demand our attention. These are real and urgent problems facing us.  Rather than fighting each other, we are better off combining our efforts, resources, and talents on reaching sustainable solutions.

What walls can be knocked down and bridges be put up?

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