Week In Review – 13 Oct 2019

Human relation is by far one of the most complicated subjects to master. Nine of ten cases, we haven’t mastered our own emotions, purposes, or other internal conflicts. Let alone how to work effectively with others.

Nonetheless, that should not stop us from trying – on both reaching for our own dreams and others’ trust.  This week we have examples on both, the good and the not so good: Elioud Kipochoge and the US government.   

Kipochoge builds bridges in inspiring our dreams through personal deeds while the government builds walls on stifling public trust .  The stark contrast illuminates clearly the different purposes we are here to serve. 

Whether life imitates art or the other way around, the need for mindful living is compelling.  Maybe then we have a chance of finding ourselves, and others, in the process.  If that doesn’t appeal you, there is always the movies .

Have a nice week!

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