Columbus Day Observed

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Today is Columbus Day, as in Christopher Columbus. The explorer who discovered America in 1492. At least that is how I learned it. A national holiday in the US (for 82 years) and elsewhere.

What I don’t get is this The Indigenous Peoples Day – a replacement for the Columbus Day in some of the states.  The indigenous people as in the Native Americans.  Why? What’s the big deal in replacing Christopher Columbus?

Last I checked the Native American Heritage month is still November.  A whole month of celebration and commemorating on the contributions of the Natives.  Is 30 days not enough?  And this particular day in October is needed to make it whole?  

As far as I am concern political correctness has no place in changing the history.  By political correctness, I am referring to the 1977, UN sponsored, International Conference on Discrimination Against Indigenous Populations in the Americas [source].

What is wrong with celebrating Christopher Columbus in October and the Native Americans in November? Am I missing something? 

Do you think the Columbus Day should be replaced?

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