South Park Vs NBA

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South Park vs. NBA. And the game is played in China.  A controversial topic with this underlying question: Is there thing more important than money?

At first blush the answer seems obvious:  Yes, of course.  Why would the two businesses be at odds within the same China market?  A hint: they have opposite views to the above question.

In business school, the subject of my interest was whether business is amoral? Amoral because the business exists to provide service or product based on what the market demands. 

Even though cigarette is harmful to one’s health, people still smoke.  And companies will meet the demand selling cigarettes.  Morality is not an issue.  This supply and demand is the basis of  a free market economy.

China, the second largest economy in the world, is however not a free market.  Unlike the capitalism common in the west, China practices a state capitalism. Where wealth is concentrated and controlled by the central government.

As such, the government has the biggest say in what the market demands. And by  extension, who gets to play and profits in its market.  Here lies the difference and the contention of the on-going trade war between US and China.

So should the NBA stand up to the Chinese government censorship? Should the South Park tone down its sarcastic rhetoric? They will provide their own answers.  But it’s hypocritical to say “do the right thing” because in reality many don’t.

Do you think business is amoral?

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