Adding Intensity Back

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Erie Marathon has been in my rear-view mirror for over six weeks.  And I am finally adding intensity back into my running.  Why? Not that I have a race coming up.  The addition has more to do with me building fun & fitness into my routines. 

You see, running easy pace is okay, but it can get a bit flat day-in and day-out. Some people stick to a fixed distance as their maintenance runs.  Not a bad way to keep in shape, I suppose. For me, I like to retain my marathon fitness as long as possible.

One way to motivate myself is signing up for another race.  Which I am not ready to throw myself back in just yet.  This is the time to enjoy my off-season, take stock of what life has to offer, and perhaps travel a bit.  No rush for training mode anytime soon.

Thus by adding a measured intensity to my runs, I am picking the happy medium between the maintenance mode and training.  Take this morning’s run for example – I ran 6 miles with 3 x 1 mile tempo intervals in-between the warm up and cool down.

The result:  A feel of the after-burn is exciting and refreshing.  Not to mention, the heavy breathing, heart pounding, and sweating bring back the memory.  More intense than easy pace runs but not exhausting.  Glad to have my body pushing a little harder. 

What are your preference while not in training?

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