Week in Review – 27 Oct 2019

The Marine Corps Marathon, a popular race in Washington DC, nicknamed People’s Marathon attracts 30,000 enthusiasts annually. That is just the runners not to mention volunteers and spectators.  Today is the 44th MCM and raining heavy at times.

I can’t help sympathize with the MCM participants.  Not only the rain ruins one’s chance for a PR but the added chafing due to the soaked gears is an extra challenge the marathoners have to bear.  Best wishes to the brave ones.

Even though off-season, I am adding intensity back to my running.  Like yesterday, I ran in the woods.  It was shaded, and the terrains gave my legs a workout.  I had to pick up my legs to avoid stumbling over the roots, leaves, and rocks.   But I had much fun and fresh air from the run. 

Glad to have the opportunity for explaining and sharing my thoughts.  Thanks for reading and if you find connection in any part of it please let me know.

Have a nice week!

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