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Until recently, I use Google (or Android) exclusively. Gmail, Google Map, Google search and the likes are part of my world. So it is quite a switch when my family gave me an iPhone for my birthday. My first Apple product of any kinds.

Literally, I had to switch my phone from android to the iPhone. Yes, new feel, touch, and lingo.  I am spoiled to have Google Voice Assistant (the ‘Okay Google’) at my service. My life was inextricably wrapped around it. From getting the weather updates, morning news, and the list goes on.

So getting used to “Siri,” the iPhone’s counterpart, has been a love-hate relationship.  Don’t get me wrong. Siri works well when I get it right.  Navigation, weather, and music are all within Siri’s capabilities.  There is even an App called the “Shortcuts” which will enable Siri to handle even more fantastic tasks.

That’s if I get it right.  When I forget and blurt out “Okay Siri,”  instead of the “Hey Siri,” the iPhone just stares at me. And this is not my only pet peeve.  Because Google has built an ecosystem where its suite of functions and Apps work flawlessly together.  There lies my problem.

You see, through my years of use, all my data reside in the Android world.  When Siri entered my life, naturally I try to access the same data using the Siri.  And the outcome can be like pulling teeth. The Touch ID takes way too long, iOS locks me out, and I have to enter my passcode each time to get back in. 

I understand  that, as in any relationship, productive outcome takes time.  I am confident Siri can learn my usage, and perhaps I will become better with the iOS.  Fingers crossed.

What is your preference: Google or Apple?


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