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Black Friday 2019

  I did it.  Went Black Friday shopping today and survived to write about it. Okay, that was a bit dramatic.  But if you read my previous post,  you knew I don’t like to go shopping. Indeed, I had no … Continue reading

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My Lifestyle

  Lifestyle to me is a afterthought.  No, really.  Allow me to explain. You see, I haven’t had to think much about how to live.  To me, that is usually determined by my roles in life. When I was working, … Continue reading

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The Digital Divide

  Don’t know about you, but I have come to rely on eCommerce for many tasks: bills’ payments, banking transaction, and a host of other business orders.  I have stamps that are leftover from years ago.  Thanks to the email … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving 2019

  With the Thanksgiving holiday only days away, the US will be hit by twin storm – one on the west coast and central plan and the other to the northeast. The timing is quite ironic. The storm will wreak … Continue reading

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Time Versus Money

  It always seems to be a dilemma between money and time: when I was in school, I had lots of time but little money, and when I entered the work force, I had money but little time.  Life is … Continue reading

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Week In Review – 24 Nov 2019

Ever since retirement, I believe that my life is simple – no work, no commute, and no pressure! Right? But is life ever simple? Not if it comes to relationships.  Thus having a virtual sanctuary comes in handy. The on-going … Continue reading

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What’s Buzzing?

  The buzz is in the air – Thanksgiving is less than a week away.  Five days to be exact. Exciting time to have family get together, reminiscing of old days, and catching up on latest happenings.  All good and … Continue reading

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Virtual Sanctuary

  After an all day sightseeing, my wife, my son, and myself are recuperating.  Each in our own spaces, engaged in some forms of electronic media activities. Even though we are in the same space, our minds are far apart … Continue reading

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The Power of Words

Let others lead small lives, but not you.Let others argue over small things, but not you.Let others cry over small hurts, but not you.Let others leave their futurein someone else’s hands, but not you. ~ Jim Rohn ~_______ The Jim … Continue reading

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Impeachment Hearings, Week 2

  While it is easy to chalk the impeachment hearings on President Trump as political gamesmanship, circus act, witch hunt, or whatever, the Inquiry is going on for the second week on Capital Hill. Sure both the Republican and Democrat … Continue reading

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