Better Sleep! Better Sleep?

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When the body is tired enough, will the mind follow?  I am curious to find out.

Ran 21 miles again today. Took us 3 hours and 42 minutes to complete. Before we started, the temperature was around freezing.  Even though it gradually warmed up, to mid 40’s when we were done, the chill extracted more calories from my body to keep warm.  

Needless to say that I am tired.  And the logical answer would be that I shall sleep well tonight.  But such an appeal of sleeping well is atypical for me.  Yup.  In fact, I attribute the lack of quality sleep to my dead leg syndrome during my marathon.

But that was then, and here is now.  Maybe my active mind would yield and follow my body into sleep. Would be wonderful if it is so.  Taking advantage of the extra hour from the daylight saving time ending tonight.  

With bated breath, I shall find out later.


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