Guilt By Association?


A Thin Blue Line flag (pictured above) has been creating controversies.  According to this CNN report,  the Governor of the state of Maryland and a County Executive (which comes under the State) are getting in the act.  

The flag is produced by the Thin Blue Line USA since 2014.  The Company states, “The thin blue line flag stands for the sacrifice law enforcement officers of this nation make each day,” and donates portion of its proceeds to the law enforcement non-profits.  

Unfortunately the original concept and the flag got tarnished by its use as political symbolism.  As examples, counter-statement to the Black Lives Matter, emblem for the advocacy group Blue Lives Matter, or even racism.

I don’t know how the incident in Maryland will be resolved.  But I wonder if it’s a case of good cause gone wrong, guilt by association, or sign of the times that how polarized we are as a nation. 

Do you think the Thin Blue Line flag should be allowed in the public places?

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