Preparing For Winter

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Here in the mid-Atlantic, as each day getting shorter, the night temperature dips lower as we inch closer to winter.  I check on my sesame plants in the yard.  They are my canary in the coal mine as far as winter is concern.  So far, so good.

What’s the worry?  Not that I have to stock up on foods, water, or other essentials.  In the rare occasion of snowed in, I could walk to the stores and get what I need.  Especially, a Trader Joe recently opened down the street.   

So what is to prepare? You may wonder.  Well, in my psyche the winter is harsh. It imprisons my spirit through bone-chilling winds.  Deprives my mental space with winter blue.  And cage me like an animal, I feel nowhere to go. 

Yes, we are talking about only three months out of a year. But I have to brace myself for the challenge. Believe me, if I could hibernate through the period I would.  Meanwhile better check on my Netflix subscription to make sure it’s not expired.

Do you “harvest” for the winter?

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2 Responses to Preparing For Winter

  1. OmniRunner says:

    This is the time of year I start to wrap up my out door projects. It’s getting too cold to paint and my garden is toast. Today I will be cleaning up the garden for the winter.


    • terryshen says:

      Yes Andy, time to winterize. It’s getting cold. Temperature was in the high 20’s when I ran this morning. We do whatever to get through base on experience. Just sometimes the bark is worse than the bite, and my worry is a way to get myself motivated.


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