Call Me A “Leisure Class”

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“What do you do everyday in retirement?” is a common question I get.  The curiosity is understandable. Without purpose or direction, life can be aimless and likely boring. And for many, work fills that void. It provides structure.

Wake up, get ready, and go to work.  Lather, rinse, and repeat.  So the cycle goes.

But I am retired. 

Hence the question from the inquiring minds who want to know.  For starter, I am, like everyone else, a creature of habit.  So the lather, rinse and repeat part is the same. The major difference is I have more control over my routines – what I do and how much.

For instance one of my favorites is the “studying of life.”  Similar to common subjects of health, politics, finance, etc., I apply my time to personal topics like running, yoga, meditation, reading. All parts of my life.

No body wince when you are studying the common subjects. But Life?  Aw that is more interesting to me.  You see, life has so much to offer, to give, and to enjoy.  I have the chance to live life the way I want it. Why not.

What is your dream life?



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