Impeachment Hearings, Week 2

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While it is easy to chalk the impeachment hearings on President Trump as political gamesmanship, circus act, witch hunt, or whatever, the Inquiry is going on for the second week on Capital Hill.

Sure both the Republican and Democrat parties have their agenda in these hearings.  But ultimately the objective of the Inquiry is find out what happened.  Through various witnesses and questionings by the counsels by each Party, the truth will emerge.

To me it’s a court of public opinion conducted by the US Congress.  Lying in public and getting away with it can happen.  But the impeachment hearings makes that strategy difficult because the stated purpose of truth seeking and the level of attention levied.

My faith in the process is bolstered by the witness testimonies, particularly from the careered professionals. Their courage and integrity are on display.  Yes, perjury is a felony.  But they know the light of public inquiry is on them, presidential threat and all.

More witnesses are scheduled this week,  subpoenaed or otherwise. Don’t know how long the inquiry will take, but I am not concerned.  Because the truth will set us free.

Stay tune.

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