Virtual Sanctuary

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After an all day sightseeing, my wife, my son, and myself are recuperating.  Each in our own spaces, engaged in some forms of electronic media activities. Even though we are in the same space, our minds are far apart in virtual space.

Akin to passengers on a crowded  bus – each one is engaged in their own “business” be it reading, nodding off, texting, or whatever.  Any ways to preserve their personal space, sanity, and freedom from each other.  Quite understandable.

And, among all the choices of sanctuary, electronic devices seem have become the go-to medium.  With a power on button, we’re swiftly teleported into virtual orbits of our desire.  Away from the current reality.  Can’t get simpler than that. Can it?

Virtually, any topics or places can be found on the “cloud.”  Any questions or interests can be searched on the internet when our inquisitive mind wants to know.  I wonder that before the electronic gadgetry, say 30 years ago, do people just daydream to escape?

What is your choice of sanctuary?

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