What’s Buzzing?

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The buzz is in the air – Thanksgiving is less than a week away.  Five days to be exact. Exciting time to have family get together, reminiscing of old days, and catching up on latest happenings.  All good and part of the tradition for the holiday.

Also par for the course is the Friday after Thanksgiving, when stores offer deep discounts to kick off the holiday shopping spree, and shoppers reciprocating the offer by lining up early to take advantage of  the sales.  So called the Black Friday.

The downside of this buzz is that starts the clock ticking towards the Christmas and New Year.  Two major holidays in the US where gift exchanging is the expectation or the norm. As such, it is also a stressful time for me because I suck at gift shopping.

Not only that, getting a list started for the people that I need shop gift for is insurmountable.  That is how bad I am at this challenge.  Each year I muddled through it, mostly with the help from my wife.  Nevertheless it’s the buzz that kills me.

How does the upcoming holidays make you feel?

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4 Responses to What’s Buzzing?

  1. swosei12blog says:

    I don’t really buy gifts for a bunch of people (3-5 tops), and I don’t expect people to get my anything. This makes my holiday season pretty stress free.


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