Time Versus Money

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It always seems to be a dilemma between money and time: when I was in school, I had lots of time but little money, and when I entered the work force, I had money but little time.  Life is funny that way.

Does our use of time and money have to be a dichotomy? After all we have limited time, for instance 24 hours a day.  The more time spent working (i..e making money) means less for other stuffs. Right?

Not exactly.  Money may not buy happiness but it can buy time.  How?  One word: outsourcing.  Instead of doing the chores yourself, you can hire someone to mow your lawn, delivery your groceries, wash your car, clean your house, etc.

Money and time do not have to be opposites.  Up to us to decide how we value them and use them wisely.  If anything, I would value time over money.  That is the reason why I retired four years ago to enjoy my time instead of making more money.

How do you see your time-money relationship?

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