My Lifestyle

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Lifestyle to me is a afterthought.  No, really.  Allow me to explain.

You see, I haven’t had to think much about how to live.  To me, that is usually determined by my roles in life. When I was working, I worked hard; when my kids were young, I made it a priority to tend to their needs. And now retired, I am a leisure class.  I devote time to myself.

Certain people have a preferred lifestyle:  a house with four car garage, traveling to all the continents, missionary work in underdeveloped countries, whatever.     But  I . . . more like a chameleon – change with my environment and circumstance.  Keeping up with the Jones never appeals to me.

The lifestyle i have is not extravagant by any means.  But it is comfortable to my taste.  Because I live within my means, yet not under it.  No more saving for the house, college or retirement.  Being there, done that.  I now live to do what I want to do.

What is your lifestyle?



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