Black Friday 2019

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I did it.  Went Black Friday shopping today and survived to write about it.

Okay, that was a bit dramatic.  But if you read my previous post,  you knew I don’t like to go shopping. Indeed, I had no intention to buy anything but to witness the hype of the so called biggest sales day of the year.  And it did not disappoint. 

People were out in droves.  Traffic jams in the shopping center parking lots.  And long lines at the check out.  In one store, the line was so long, a store staff held the “end of the line” sign to direct people where to queue up and pay.

On the plus side, since I wasn’t competing with anyone, people seemed in a jovial holiday mood. On top of that the weather was decent. And stores were decked out in festival colors. Surprisingly, the overall experience turned out fairly good for me albeit a bit tiresome.  

How was your Black Friday?

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