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Free To Be Me, Part 2

  Ah, last day of the year. Feels like I can do whatever, and tomorrow it will be all over and start anew. How powerful a concept can be. In reality, today is just another day. Twenty-four hours, no different … Continue reading

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Me & My Ego

  I used to say, ” I don’t have an ego.”  That of course, as I know now, was wrong.  Everyone has an ego.  I was confusing the term ego with egotistical. Egotistical has something to do with exaggerated sense … Continue reading

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Week In Review – 29 Dec 2019

Go with your gut is a sage advise that I grow to appreciate more as I age.  Intuition developed through our experiences is a trusted source even though we can’t explain it at times.  It’s a handy guide particularly during … Continue reading

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Surviving This Holiday Season?

  We are in the midst of the holiday season, between the major holidays of Christmas and New Year. It’s a time traditionally spent with family and friends.  Sharing fun and laughter. Sure. But it can also feel like a … Continue reading

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Hill Workout During Holidays

  Went for a hill run this morning. Not that I am training for any races but because I have been eating a lot during the holidays and really can use some intensity workout to burn off the surplus calories.  … Continue reading

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Waiting For New Year?

  With the new year just a few days away, here is the question: is 2019 a disappointment for you? Many would say yes. Even the Queen of England called it a “bumpy” year. Brexit not withstanding, progresses around the … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas – 2019

  All is quiet around the house. Gifts have been open. Hungry mouths have been fed. The calm of Christmas finally settles in. And I take this respite to collect myself on this Christmas Day. Yes, business did well this … Continue reading

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Christmas Eve 2019

This week and the one follows are holiday weeks in the US. Especially today, Christmas Eve.  Few news breaking events are anticipated as people are preparing for the family get-together or whatever celebrations folks normally do. Of course this excludes … Continue reading

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An Intuitive Feel

  Our feeling governs deep inside how we operate – regardless if we realize it or not. The challenge lies in that we are not always aware of our emotions. Or simply puts we are driven by our feelings subconsciously. … Continue reading

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Week In Review – 22 Dec 2019

With barely 10 days left in the year 2019, this tends to be the busy time for many folks.  Whether it’s shopping, spending time with family and relatives, traveling, or whatever, taking care of oneself should be  a priority in … Continue reading

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