Week In Review – 1 Dec 2019

Already, it’s the first of December.  Oh my! How quickly has the time gone.  And yet there are still so much to do. 

Time and money are two concepts that can work together. For instance, when invested properly, money can grow over time.  It’s called the time value of money.  The two are not as dichotomous as they may appear. 

In fact, over the Thanksgiving holiday, I witnessed many folks spent time shopping on the Black Friday to save themselves money.  Especially with the eCommerce, holiday sales seems to start earlier each year. 

For sure, the internet has changed the life of many.  Or more precisely the way of life.  Like any tools, if applied properly it can make our world more efficient and productive.  Or it can be a time sink making you wonder where has the time gone.  Buyer beware.

Have a nice week!

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