Impeachment Is The Struggle?

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Following up on Brenee Brown’s hope is a function of struggle, the impeachment process, albeit painful, gives me hope.

The hope is not to remove President Trump, although there is a slim chance of that outcome. But the hope is that our political process in this hyperpartisan environment can still work – through the struggle of impeachment.

Erza Klein laid out three functions of the impeachment:

  1. deterrence to president current and future so they would think twice before acting selfishly,
  2. exposé of corruption to citizens who are the ultimate judge, and
  3. warning to foreign entities who may attempt to exploit our political system.

I hope it will also bring healing to us as a country.

What are your thoughts on the impeachment?

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2 Responses to Impeachment Is The Struggle?

  1. OmniRunner says:

    I think Congress had to do it. I think Nancy was right to resist doing it as it is likely to fail in the Senate.
    Very few spines in politics. Mitt is checking the direction of the wind but I have no doubt that he will fall in line and agree that quid quo pro is a-ok with Republicans.
    Then we will have an unchained lame duck president. God help us.


  2. terryshen says:

    I agree Andy that Congress got to do it. It would be very disappointing otherwise.


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