On Being Agreeable

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When things, people, topics are agreeable with us, they are easier to handle. Because they affirm us – our beliefs, actions, even our identity. Life is good.  However, it’s the others that test us.

Our filters work automatically. We gravitate toward the things we like, people align with our values, and topics palatable to our taste.  To the others we tend to dispose them, if possible, by delete, ignore, or oppose.  As quickly as possible.

As human nature goes, path of the least resistance is the norm.  Why waste time and energy on the stuffs that disagree with us?  Isn’t it more efficient just to ignore them?  The answer is yes and no. Depend on how important these stuffs are.

Broccoli, yes.  Boss, no.

Plus by taking the road less traveled, the different, unfamiliar stuffs test our own beliefs and values. And if kept an open mind, chances are we can truly learn and grow from these experiences.  

Did your most important learning come from being agreeable? 


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