Jet Lag And Me

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Jet lag and me are strange companies. I used to be fearless and unaffected by the jet lag. I could sleep anywhere at anytime. In fact, even before the plane takes off, I would be out like a light.  Sad to report that those days are gone.

Instead of getting a rest on the flight, now-a-day, I can not sleep.  No matter how tired I get.  Always something that would keep me awake: baby’s cry, engine’s hum, or cramp seat. You name it.  The outcome is the same: a long and agonizing wait till the plane’s touch down.

Making the situation worse is my poor sleep patterns.  Which magnifies the jet lag’s impact to my body and compounds my recovery challenge. As a consequence, I get totally wrecked from flights.  Instead of hours, now it takes me days to get my footing back.

What is your worst nightmare from travel?

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2 Responses to Jet Lag And Me

  1. OmniRunner says:

    I was on a two day business trip to DC.
    I booked two nights in a hotel down the street from our office and had a round trip flight out of Reagan National.
    They day I tried to go home all flights to Boston had been cancelled. People who knew this earlier in the day got any available seats on later flights that day.
    I had to go back to my hotel and book a room on the spot.
    The next day there were no flights so I arranged to take Amtrak from DC to Boston the day after that.
    I worked another day in the DC office and headed to a hotel near the train station in DC.
    The next day I took an 8 hour train ride on the Amtrak Regional Service. Accela was sold out.
    So I had to turn two days worth of clothes into over four days of travel.
    I learned to pack extra underwear and a shirt or two if they will fit. I never pack for the exact number of days for my trip anymore.
    No jet lag but what a nightmare!


    • terryshen says:

      Wow,this is what I call the Road Warrior story,Andy. First, I am sorry that it happened to you and applaud you for your tenacity in finding way home. I don’t know which is worse, jet lag or road warrior. But neither appeals to me. They add gray to our hairs. Stay healthy, and thanks for sharing.


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