1st Cold Run Of 2020

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The car dashboard says 25 degree (Fahrenheit) outside when I started my run. This cold may be nothing for some folks. But for me, it is my first cold weather run for the year 2020. And no question, I came prepared from head to toe with only my eyes exposed to the element.

The overnight snow dusted the trail.  Partially covered ice patches dotted along the way.  Suited me fine as I wasn’t interested running fast but out to get some fresh air and exercise to work off the calories collected over my holiday feasts.

The air was crisp and frigid.  Made more work for my lungs.  But the ground was frozen hard.  As I Jogged first couple of miles, my body finally loosen up.  At the end, nine miles later, the temperature climbed up to 29 degree – not warm enough to dwell for any post-run small talk.

But at least I broke the ice for my 2020 cold weather running.


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