Winter Mood (Yuk!)

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There are many downsides to winter.  One of the biggest negatives is the lack of connection with nature.  I like nature but not in the cold. Instead of dwell and admire the beauty of the season, I minimize my exposure outdoor just to stay warm.

If must (emphasis on the necessity), I venture out as a byproduct of going from point A to point B.  Like home to grocery store. Even so, there is a big difference in temperatures between the sunny side and the shades.  My mind is already somewhere else.

I bear down my head, pull up my collars, try to get out of the cold as quickly as I can. As one can easily see, my body is shriveled, muscle tensed and mood shortened.  Not a pleasant nor relaxing state to enjoy the nature.

Judging from my cohorts, hurrying on their way to somewhere, safe to say that I am not alone in feeling the winter mood.  I miss the outdoor activities in warmer times: casual strolls in the neighborhood, leisure conversations with passerby, sun bathed yard-work, etc.

How do you keep your mood up during the winter?



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5 Responses to Winter Mood (Yuk!)

  1. swosei12blog says:

    I find more things to do indoors.


  2. OmniRunner says:

    I hate the cold and I’m from Maine.
    I keep busy and notice the light getting brighter each night when I leave the office.
    Spring is coming!


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