Non-stop Exploring

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Curiosity and play are the two gifts we have since birth.  The two gifts that will keep on giving for a lifetime. In fact, our age should be a non-factor. But sorry to report that more often than not, it is.

As we get older, the farther we become from exploring our world.  We are more set in our ways.  We are conditioned by our habits.  And dare I say, determined by our fear.  The world is shrinking and the walls are closing in.  Little options exist?  This is more common than I like to admit.

“Go ahead and explore,” I say, especially to myself.  I am retired.  My time and energy are at my disposal.  Use them for exploration.  Why not?  The benefits are immense – learning novel concepts, adapting new habits, and improving quality of life.

And the best part?  All it takes is to keep our curiosity and playfulness front and center  towards our immediate surroundings.  No costs and no fuss.  For there are much to see, do, and enjoy.

What’s your favorite exploration?  Travel, reading, or something else?

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