Week In Review – 26 Jan 2020

During the winter months, one of my fears is having car problems. Who wants to be caught with car issue in the cold, right?  But that is what happened to me this week.  Fortunately I manage to dropping in on myself under the circumstances.

In short, I empowered myself to face my fear and solve my car problems. What could be better? Keep my sense of curiosity and playfulness.   Nevertheless, the experience improved my winter mood insofar as I am not 100% captive to the weather.

My car problems, while personal, pale in comparison to the impeachment trial of our president this week.  The trial is not over. But the jurors seem to have reached a verdict.  Swift justice it may be, but the process is not as much of a struggle as I anticipated.

I have also been spending extra screen time  following the outbreak of the coronavirus in China.  Whether the virus will be pandemic is yet to be determined.  Its magnitude is affected as China celebrates its new year and experiences the world’s largest annual human migration.

Stay tune!

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