Fear Of Pain

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Is pain real?  Is emotional pain real?  What about fear of pain?

Pain is real.  It is a sensation that many would avoid at all costs. So much so, the Opioid crisis in America is a proof that the epidemic is so prevalent that US Government declaring it a public health emergency.

Emotional pain too is real.  Some would argue it’s worse than the physical pain. The long term damages due to emotional pain are more persistent, pervasive, and least understood.  It too contributes to our Opioid epidemic.

If so, what about our fear of pain?

No question that fear is an emotion that serves as a powerful driver for human behaviors.  People with fear of height, flight, or claustrophobic will not fly, for example. Now, combining fear and pain, one has the elixir for control.

Are we being held hostage by our fear of pain?

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