News And Hypes

Lots news and hypes that could make anyone’s head spin, let alone my pea brain.  Here are quick recaps of the top three: coronavirus, Kobe Bryant, John Bolton.

The coronavirus and Kobe Bryant’s death are truly unfortunate. The former is happening during the Lunar new year in China, the largest annual human migration period on earth.  Fatality to date is 106 (source: BBC), and climbing.

Latest stat on coronavirus cases identified

Coronavirus cases identified, Source: Washington Post 28 Jan 2020

The accidental death of basketball icon Kobe Bryant on Sunday took everyone by surprise.  His career with the Los Angeles Lakers was legendary.  To do justice, click here for a more complete resume.

Last but not least is John Bolton, former National Security Advisor to President Trump. Bolton was fired by Trump last September, and his upcoming tell-all book was leaked over the weekend.  Unlike the coronavirus and Bryant where the timing was accidental, Bolton’s book leak was political – coincide with the Senate impeachment trial.

In short, lots of hypes are out there to mis-inform or influence current events toward certain outcomes such as the stock markets, elections, or other personal gains.  Beware of the opportunists who capitalize on our fear of pain.

How do you distinguish facts from hypes? 

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