Confession From The Off Season

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Sharing is caring, as the saying goes. So here is mine.

I believe in running for my health. During the marathon training which is 20 weeks out of the year, I stay pretty healthy. Thanks to the regiment of the training. Never have to worry about my weight. I am always lean and get to eat pretty much whatever I want.

That leaves a better part of year that I am off (the marathon training) season. During this period, between maintenance runs, yoga, and meditation, I get to indulge in life a bit. The downside? I gain weight and feel sluggish. Yoga and meditation just don’t burn enough calories as compared to running. This is where the guilt comes in.

You see, the formula for body weight is simple – calorie-in versus calorie-out. Calorie-out being the use of energy.  Weight lost results if the calorie-out wins. Or weight gain if calorie-in is the winner. Since I love to munch, running is my preferred choice.

And I ran 9 miles yesterday. Wanted to run 10 but fell short simply because 1) the weather was cold, 2) I was out of practice, and 3) my motivations were my guilt and the weight scale, both were nudging me to burn off more calories!

Except, despite good intention, 9 miles was all I could muster.

Does your weight fluctuate depend on seasons?

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