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About Today (The Leap Year)

  A couple of noteworthy things about today: 1) It’s Feb 29 – a date happens every four years, 2) Today’s high temperature is 33 degree Fahrenheit in Washington DC area (the low is 23), 3) First US death by … Continue reading

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The Right Question?

(Statue of Socrates, the philosopher (469–399 BC), ancient Athenian philosopher. This is his statue, located before the Academy of Athens, Greece) Believe it or not that the right question is more important than the right answers. Nowadays with the reach … Continue reading


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Are You Worried?

  about the COVID-19? If asked, my reply is no.  Because I believe or shall I say am brainwashed that worrying does nothing good.  The term is banished from my thinking. Having said that, I find myself incessantly following the … Continue reading

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Getting Ready For COVID-19?

  US officials have warned the inevitable invasion of the COVID-19 (novel Coronavirus). The intent of their message no doubt is to prepare the public. But without much of the details, these warnings could have unintended consequences. Should I stock … Continue reading

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This Finite Life Of Ours

  We all know that life is finite.   Yoga has this saying that we were born with so many breaths in us.  If so, when is our last breath? While don’t know if the end is near, I want to … Continue reading

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February Musing

Amazingly, It’s last week of February, and we haven’t seen much of snow this season. February is supposed to be the coldest time of the year around here.  But the temperature has been relatively mild. So much so, I took … Continue reading

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Week In Review – 23 Feb 2020

Who doesn’t want a fulfilling life?  Of course, Yes!  But obtaining that end goal is not an easy task, partly because the challenge of defining a fulfilling life.  The definition is subjective and varies with individuals.  Until the target is … Continue reading

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Thoughts On COVID-19

  COVID-19 also known as novel coronavirus has commanded lots of attention.  Deservingly so.  It is a disease without a cure and is rapidly spreading with the potential of becoming a pandemic. See latest status here. To put things in … Continue reading

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The Road Was Calling

  The sun casted its brilliance through my windows. The road was calling me. I layered on my running gears because it’s freezing outside. The road was calling me. Yes, the gloves, mufflers, windbreaker, sweatpants and whole enchilada. The road … Continue reading

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Conversation With Self

  This was one of my down days.  Not only unproductive, I had the patience of a bull in a china shop.  Not a good day to rush into any decisions.  They will most likely result in negative consequences. Hence … Continue reading

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