Face-to-face vs Screen Time

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At risk of sounding like a dinosaur, I am a baby-boomer who prefers fact-to-face interactions over screen time when it comes to dealing with people.

Human beings has a yearning for relationship.  Check.  And social media boast connections, followers, contacts, whatever.  These virtual relationships have their purposes.  But human interaction has a dynamism that takes on all our senses and more.

Hard to fathom the screen time alone can suffice.

Maybe it’s my relationship with technology.   Screen time seems more to do with catching up (e.g. news, emails) than reaching out.   I know that sounds rather reactive but it may explain why I don’t use Facebook or Instagram.  Simply I would have a hard time keeping up.

Instead I get more returns from face-to-face exchanges. Dare I say to the tune of ten, hundred folds more than from the social media.  Not only in the amount of information  but also quality.  Some points are made not in the words said but in what is un-said.

Do you agree that meanings are lost in the translation electronic or otherwise?



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