Week In Review – 2 Feb 2020

Politics, public health, and personal confession all wrapped into one packed week.

First the US Senate struggled over the impeachment trial of President Trump.  “Struggled” because all the senators were locked in one chamber for the duration of the triaL, without their cell phones.  Thus I felt vindicated for my face-to-face post.

The fight to control the narratives between the Democrat House Managers, White House Defense Counsels, and the Senate Republican majorities has been a real soap opera on  display. While fear is a powerful motivator, fear of pain is the elixir for control.

Must hand it to Mr. Trump. Who now joins Mr. Clinton in their exclusive memberships to the guilty but not enough to be removed from the office club.  I bet they are too busy “having fun” that the feeling of guilt probably never crosses their mind.

The impeachment trial fed the business of news & hypes.  Two other events with historical proportion also took place: Brexit across the Atlantic and coronavirus in China. And their sagas continue.  According to CNN,  the coronavirus has killed 305 and infected 14,300 globally to date.

Lastly, my confession:  my weight is on the heavier end of the scale. Fully 10 pounds over my race weight and counting.  Nothing unusual.  Except I suppose it shows how much I am enjoying my off-season. Yup.

Have a nice week!

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