Political Calculations Vs Principles

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Iowa caucus is tonight, officially kicks off the 2020 primaries. Candidates have been campaigning hard to earn their keep.  One question comes to mind is how does a candidate stake his or her positions on all those issues ranging from national level to kitchen table?

I suppose it helps if the candidate is opinionated or has good polling data.  But joking aside, will the candidate stand up for an unpopular topic? advocate a position based on principles? or simply go with the whatever will get him/ her elected?

The truth, I believe, is a little of both.

And, novice candidates will rely more on principles simply due to their lack of access with the voter population.  Seasoned politicians on the other hand will have more instinctive grasp of their voter base and lean more on their political calculations.

What is your take?  Which approach appeals to you?

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