Trump Post-impeachment

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Muse me if you will – if we are so incensed about being influenced or manipulated by others, whether it’s Russian meddling in our election or hacker hijacking our personal data, why do we acquiesce to Mr. Trump’s blatant words that do the same?

“Blatant” because he does not even try to hide it.  “This is who I am,” Trump toutes. Calling it “honesty” is an euphemism.  For Trump, it’s a direct assault on his enemy and a brand for his followers. Has been and always will, especially now post-impeachment.

No doubt. More will follow.

But the question puzzles me to infinitum is this: why do we, instead of being incensed, acquiesce to Trump? Are we deep-down blood sucking hungry for catharsis through an all out brawl or willfully kicking the American ideals to the curb?  Maybe both?

Now Trump is acquitted.  To me, our political system has failed the checks and balances test.  What left ultimately is the November election. I sincerely hope that my rhetorical questions are wrong.

Otherwise, god help us.

What do you predict will happen?

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2 Responses to Trump Post-impeachment

  1. OmniRunner says:

    I dare not predict. Who could have predicted this calamity. At least the extremes that it has gone to.
    I feel I’m safe in saying that we can expect more disregard for what is right.


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