Who Is Complaining?

Source: Accuweather.com


February 7th.  We are in the coldest month of the winter season here in the Mid-Atlantic.  But instead of snow-blanketed quietness, we get bombarded by nerve wrecking, bone-chilling winds.  The kind of disturbance leaves you tensed and wondering.

The wind gust has been tormenting the neighborhood since morning.  My windows have been rattling all day.  From time to time the house shutters due to the gusts, and the garage structure creaks. It happens suddenly, kind of reminds me being on an airplane, minus the fasten seatbelt signs.

Needless to say, on day like this I sought the comfort of indoor and practiced yoga over  running outside.  Later, I learned that the weather turbulence passing through actually spared the Washington DC area.  We have dodged another winter storm today.

Guess I should be grateful, huh?

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