Impermanence of Life

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Desperately trying to hold on?  Be warned that the river of life never ceases.  Besides, when it does, game is over.  Such is the life that we face.  We are different today than yesterday, and tomorrow.  The river of life flows one way.

Understandably that everyone needs references, familiarities, or something to hold on to get his/ her bearings.  Only when we turn them into routines (for the sake of efficiency), a  gap develops.  Impermanence.

Creative tension allows us to seize on this opportunity and move closer to our goals. Bringing about change that is constructive, progressing, and improving.   Or if we  let it seizes us and makes us victims of our own passivity, we become farther from where we want to be.

The impermanence of life.

Push or pull, how well are you doing in the river of life?


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