Week In Review – 9 Feb 2020

First, an update on the coronavirus.  It is still raging on.  40,234 cases have been identified to date in 28 countries with 906 deaths (mostly in China).  Sincerely hoping the Chinese government has learned a lesson of being transparent and not manipulating the media.

Back home, the 2020 US Presidential Election officially kicked off this week with the Iowa Caucus on Monday, and what a disaster that was. Clearly most things in life are not perfect. In fact, far from it. But who is complaining?

Of course I am no politician and am certain that President Trump needs no advice from me. Given his acquittal from the Senate impeachment trial and speech at the State of the Union address, I need to embrace myself for the worst of Trump yet to come.

No despair or angst on my part, just a slight disappointment with our political system and how it works.  No sense of crying over spilled milk.  I am ready to move on.  Besides, the Presidential election is nine months away. I will take it as they come.

Have a nice week!

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