Food For The Soul?

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When hunger strikes and stomach growls, instinctively we know to intake food so to feed our bodies. What about when our spirits is down or loses their purpose? What feeds our souls?

A simple question but difficult for me to answer.

People eat everyday, at least I do.  Think breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The nutrients feed our bodies.  Check.  Similar to the meal routines, what makes our souls come alive? 

Is it being one with the nature? Participating in religion? Studying philosophy? The answer I believe lies with individuals. For me, I meditate.  Sometimes through guided meditation, but more often focusing on my breath.

And frankly I don’t find my in-and-out breath all that inspiring nor uplifting for my soul. If anything, it’s damn boring. But I do it as a matter of discipline than nourishment.

Perhaps, there is a better menu?

What do you feed your soul to keep it uplifted?

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