State-sponsored Crimes

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When the government breaks the laws, it is bad juju. But when the government actually sponsors criminal activities, it rises entirely to a different level.

The so called state-sponsored crimes are more common than one may realize. And it is not limited to the poor, less developed countries who are desperate in their ways. Developed nations like US, Russia, and China also engage in such affairs. The difference is to what extent and how overt the acts are carried out.

Shocking as it may be when the citizen of these states find out about his/ her government’s engagements in wrong-doings, will there be a collective inquisition, soul searching, or forced acceptance of the facts?

I don’t know the answer. In the past, US has served as the role as the world’s police. Putting aside the question of our legitimacy or success rate, we at least had the resources, beliefs, and influences to attempt justice.

Now I am not sure.

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