Happy Valentine’s Day

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For many years, I fell in the trap of believing Valentine’s Day is only for the limited few and conspiracy by the business people. After all who needs roses or chocolates after being married for a couple of decades, right?

Well, I couldn’t be any more wrong!

As my fellow blogger, Vee, wrote that the Valentine’s Day is really a chance to express your appreciation for key relationships, to show that you care. Certainly, one can do it anytime during the year, but the Valentine’s Day is an occasion devoted to this opportunity for making that connection.

And how one expresses this appreciation is up to each other. It does not have to involved merchandise (unless that is what your significant other wants). More importantly, it’s the thought and effort behind the expression that are meaningful. For instance, I appreciate folks leaving comments about my blog posts.

So, don’t let this Valentine Day slips by. Go ahead and make your special person(s) know how much you appreciate them.

Who are your significant others and why?

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