Coronavirus Update

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As of today, 67,195 cases discovered with 8,608 (12.8%) recovered and 1,527 (2.27%) deaths (source:

The official name for the disease is COVID-19. And in the interest of public information and combating rumors and misinformation, I am sharing the following info.

To date, vaccine is not yet available to prevent the infection and no specific treatment has been developed. However, there is no need to panic. US Center for Disease Control did issue information relating to the disease at its site:

The Chinese government is working hard, in conjunction with the World Health Organization, in trying to contain the disease as all but four deaths occurred inside of China. With the outlook yet to be determined, COVID-19’s impact to China, one of the largest economies in the world, will undoubtedly be felt around the world.

It behooves us to get educated on the COVID-19, so we can better combat it.

Stay tune.

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